We have been involved the Swedish Grammy Awards since 2011 and made all the graphics and visuals for the show.


  • CLIENT: Helenaochsofie, Sofie K Skoog
  • TASK: Preproduction, Motion Graphics Design
  • DATE: 2011-2016
Nomination and winner of Artist of the Year, Grammisgalan 2016
Eva Dahlgren - Säg Mitt Namn from Grammisgalan 2016
Icona Pop - Someone Who Can Dance (ft. Zara Larsson & Elliphant) from Grammisgalan 2016
Grammisgalan 2015
Tove Styrke - Even If I'm Loud It Doesn't Mean I'm Talking to You from Grammisgalan 2015
Teddybears - What's Your Problem? ft. Baby Trish from Grammisgalan 2015
Excerpt from Grammisgalan 2014
Kartellen med Aleks - Underklassmusik Grammisgalan 2014
Niklas Lind feat. Seinabo Sey - Singel Grammisgalan 2014
Excerpt from Grammisgalan 2013
Elliphant - Boom yout head up from Grammisgalan 2013
Tove Styrke and Gnucci Banana - Bad Time for a Good Time Grammisgalan 2012
Excerpt from Grammisgalan 2012
Excerpt from Grammisgalan 2011
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